XLM to $0.50 by Feb 15 or 50 MOONS reward

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As the title suggests, I predict the price of XLM to reach $0.50 by Feb 15, 2021 or I will award 50 MOONS each to the first 6 people that remind me of this stupid prediction.

I posted this originally in the daily thread but would be happy for more people to participate. And to clarify, it must be $0.50 on Feb 15. If it goes above $0.50 but falls back below before Feb 15, I still lose. I expect XLM to reach and be stable at $0.50 by Feb 15. I hope this makes sense.

I can only gamble this quantity of MOONS because as you can see I only have 333. You wonderful people in this community gave me these MOONS for my persistent shitposting. I want to give back.

Please be one of the first 6 people to remind me on Feb 15, or enjoy your XLM gains.

Satoshi bless.

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