WOW. Banned from r/i o t a subreddit for having an alternative opinion. isn’t this what they accused /cc of?

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This might have finally swayed me to dump all my IOTA holdings and move on..

I have defended the IOTA project since the beginning, I have written various articles and run a website, being a part of their beta testing for the trinity wallet, provided Charlie (the lead dev) with some things he missed AND I run a bloody IOTA meetup. (Which after this comment is posted is now getting cancelled).

I post one comment to the contrary, ONE comment and they ban me, here is my comment (most of it was in jest to echo peoples delusional believes that IOTA was behind the hack, although perhaps they were hence the ban…. 0.o ):

"His confidence" – the amount of IOTA he owns is staggering. It's nothing to him. Its a marketing ploy and thats that. Just like binance and their bloody SAFU fund. Oooo no, a hack happened. Don't worry we will get it back to everyone cos were the best.

Right…. like you didnt initiate the attack to get to be a savouir. I'm loosing all hope with IOTA, nothing significant has been developed (and dont start linked all these articles to everything that is in development or coming out, or almost complete) at the moment IOTA is a bad investment.

All it would take is one of the mods to look through my profile and see that I have been pro IOTA for years.

What a bloody joke…

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