What are the best sources for crypto/investing information and analysis? Sources without sensationalism

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Hello! I'm looking for sources of crypto/investing WITHOUT sensationalistic headlines and fluff. Reporting on the "record high for 2020" or "WHY BITCOIN WILL HIT 10 TRILLION IN 2021" or "if you look at this phallus shape on the chart here you'll see why Elon Musk is bullish on Dickcoin."

Are there any sources of information you use that are consistent in discussing in depth and relevant information to the crypto space? I read an article that claimed that if Eth passed it's resistance of $366 it'll moon shot. That's useless. It seems that for every 20 minutes of crypto news I read I might get 1-2 minutes of valuable info and I have to go into the comments to find it.

Thanks in advance!

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