We will know triumph. CRYPTO is no longer a theory. It is time to ARISE and take that which has been taken!!!

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Multi trillion dollar banks fear crypto because it is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to their diabolical strong hold. They will choke on our innovation that will be forced down their conniving gullets.

Their morals are nihil. Ours are invincible. Banks will rape and pillage no more. There is no way for them to implement these solutions because they are too distracted with their foolish ability to make profits.

What they lack is where we are strong. We are the stone that takes down Goliath. The spear that blinds the cyclops. Yes, gentleman, we are the silver bullet.

Financial infrastructure will fall bruised and bloody as we assume our electronic battle station desks and assembled a true economic system. Your efforts spent with your weaponized mechanical keyboards will NEVER go unnoticed.

Mark my words. We are on the precipice of a mother fucking revolution and you, son, are a goddam general. All hail satoshi!

Cryto is a zero sum game. Those pussies do not stand a chance. Get ready boys. This is what we train for. Knuckle up motherfuckers. It’s game time.

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