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Today's Crypto of the Day is USD Coin (USDC), and it's current price is $1.00.

This is the final of 20 projects listed on Coinbase regular (I still plan to eventually include all from other exchanges including Coinbase Pro, Binance US, Kraken, and maybe others; and Gemini is also complete with their five). I also understand this might be an odd one to feature for a day, but perhaps there are things some of us do not and should know about it. Is it expected to always be $1 exactly, no matter what? What can change to make it increase or decrease in value? I do understand there is a value in that some exchanges charge lower fees when trading with USDC vs other methods. I know this is likely a boring project to discuss, but very soon we shall be onto more fun coins and tokens to evaluate.

I am continuing my daily posts of, "crypto of the day". Just because I feature a specific project does not mean that I even like it. My goal is to eventually help to facilitate a discussion on all projects listed on any of the main exchanges, as well as some moonshots that the community and/or I like. Some projects discussed will be straight up trash, but those are just as important to evaluate as those with promise. If you downvote a post just because you do not like a project, that will start to bury the discussion where newbies like myself might miss a post that could have protected someone from making a terrible investment. I feel we should encourage discussions on all projects, regardless if we like them or not.

These posts are not meant to be financial advice, but instead to be an educational discussion. Everyone is responsible for doing their own research.

For each project, I am interested in learning if you have any investment in it, and if so, about what percentage of your portfolio does it carry.

If you have any strong opinions about how much it may be worth over the course of the next year or so, feel free to share that number for entertainment purposes. However, be ready for people to talk crap about your prediction, since no one can truly predict the future.

Most importantly, what should we all know; good, bad, and indifferent, about this project?

It is useful to hear pros and cons about every project, even if you are simply playing devils advocate. If all people post only positive or only negative information on any given project, that discussion is truly limited. You can even begin a post by saying something like, "First off, I love this project and over half of my portfiolio consists of it. However, if there is any concern one might have about this coin, it is probably that _____."

I look forward to reading thoughts on this project…

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