Unibright – A vision of a 360° Security Token Platform

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The Token issuance part, is just a very small part of what we understand as a 360° security token platform:


A 360° security token platform in our understanding should bundle together issuance, a regulatory compliant marketplace and guaranteed liquidity inside the platform. It should offer a platform-independent issuing process targeting the domain expert (e.g. a real estate asset owner) on the other side of the User Interface, not a legal and/or technical expert! A platform should transparently(!) enable long term revenue streams like trading fees, introduce new investment classes (e.g. for liquidity providers) and include all involved parties to benefit from trading fee kick-backs.

A 360° platform should take care of the key management, of integration into professional IT and process surroundings, offer layer 2 structures like derivates and portfolios and gain knowledge out of all Big Data arising — for the benefit of all participants.

Let’s take a look at all the different parts here

It covers all the parts from the infographic above and takes approx 9 min to read.
If you are interested in STO and tokenization I can assure you that it's worth it.

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