Transferring bitcoin out of a scam broker (on Sirix) – Advice needed

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Hi, My dad was recently convinced over the phone to buy $20k worth of bitcoin with a company that I'm fairly sure is a scam. Based on online reviews, they actually do create the account and trade with it, but as soon as you ask to withdraw the money they wipe the account. Their platform is hosted on Sirix on Leverate. I've been able to log in with my dad's details and some of the money is there, but does anyone know if there's a way to force a transfer or withdrawal of the funds? When I request a withdrawal it says that 'a consultant will call you shortly to discuss your withdrawal', which based on online reviews is when they call to try talk you out of it / yell at you. I also spoke with Leverate overnight and they confirmed the account was set up, but there was no mechanism to change the password on there.

I know my dad did a very stupid thing, and I will be mad at him later, but right now I'm just trying desperately to help my parents get some of the money back, so please just give me advice for now, and then you can add whatever insults you like once this is resolved and I will pass them on to him.

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