Tim Draper Boosts DeFi With New Price Matching Software

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Global uncertainty and freefalling markets aren’t treating most of us all that well. Yet, according to cryptocurrency evangelist and VC Tim Draper, DeFi is going full throttle. And he’s just given the space an extra boost by backing a brand-new software.

Tim Draper Company Launches New DeFi Product
While many traders are getting REKT and global markets plummet, cryptocurrency exchanges are holding their own. In fact, the volumes on decentralized exchanges in particular (DEXs) are seeing all-time record highs. David Bleznak, Founder of Totle DeFi aggregators commented:
DEXs have come a long way in terms of usability and pricing; Totle simply makes it easier to access decentralized markets
Never one to miss out on a key opportunity, the Tim Draper portfolio company Totle has just released a new product for the space. According to the release, it will allow “anyone to buy and sell tokens at the best price guaranteed across the DeFi space.” 
The billionaire’s software acts as an order routing system to uncover the best possible combination of orders. This allows its users to get the most value out of their portfolio of tokens. In addition to this, Totle’s new software is easily integrated into any company or individual’s website or app.
The Key Features of Totle Swap Technology
Why should you care about Tim Draper’s Totle Swap Technology? Well, if you boast a wide portfolio of altcoins and enjoy the DEX trading experience, this could greatly enhance your profits.
To start with, the software shows you how exchanges’ prices compare to the rest of the market. This means you can actually visualize how much you can save and make an informed decision. 
Beyond Totle’s ability to reveal the best price, traders can watch the software acquiring the prices in real-time. Totle even goes as far as conducting arbitrage mid-trade to get users the best price on the market.
Its swap mechanism is also fully optimized for desktop and mobile. This means that any website or app can add Totle’s aggregated token swaps and allow their customers to get the best price for all ERC20 tokens.
There’s also a bunch of other cool customizable features that allow for tracking trading activity and gaining deeper user insights. Bleznak commented:
Our latest interface is the most convenient way to get the best price for your Ethereum assets.
Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm Alon Goren added:
We are constantly looking to invest in the best teams in blockchain and help them to get their products into the hands of the consumer. Totle is a great example of a company that has made that easy for us by creating a crypto product that is ready for mass adoption.
What do you make of Tim Draper’s latest foray into the DeFi space? Add your thoughts below!

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