The Story Of My First Bitcoin. (Late 2013)

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The story of my first Bitcoin. I feel as it’s an important time to tell again. Hopefully others can learn from my mistakes.

In late 2013 (I was 22 at the time) my brother told me all about this new type of internet money, that no single entity controlled, it intrigued me. I decided to cash in the change I had been collecting for the past year to buy my first bitcoin at $740 Canadian. Saw it rise to over $1000 USD then the Mt.Gox hack happened.. It nose dived to $200 USD and for about 2 years it felt like it did absolutely nothing.. Then it started to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. But I was uneducated on bitcoin and it’s halvings at the time. It hit around $1000 USD again, I had decided I would sell out of .7 because I was in profit and wasn’t sure if a huge hack would happen again. I bought CSGO skins sigh (digital video games skins) this was early 2017. I had to watch bitcoin triumphantly rise to $20,000 USD, thinking what have I done!! I held this thing for years!! The point I’m trying to make is don’t make the same mistake I did. Our previous ATH will be crushed just like every past one. I thought I would never be able to buy another bitcoin again but I was blessed with this bear market. $20,000 will be just like $1,000 was in 2017. I took it as an opportunity to rewrite my past mistake. If you can financially, please Hodl strong my friends. We are so close to something spectacular.

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