Thank you guys so much. Huge shoutout to the haters! No I didn’t get rich.. but now I see a way out.

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I initially fomo’d into bitcoin and a slew of shitcoins in December 2017… I opened a Binance and a Coinbase. I was a broke student, put all my money (3g) in and poof… you can see where this is going… it was gone. I stopped logging in after panic selling some stuff. At the time I was convinced it was the future but going from broke to even more broke scared me away. I dropped out of school to bartend because I was sick of being broke and that went very well for a while… if 2018 didn’t kill me and I put all my tips into crypto I would have been able to retire.

Then Covid-19 happened… my bar closed.. I burned through my savings and after making an exodus in my ole crappy 4Runner this summer my friend asked me if ETH was worth it, I said it was the only one I really trusted after it all.. and then remembered I had saved one whole ETH. I got back into my accounts an wallets.. I had a slew of shitcoins. Over the summer I moved them around.. re positioned.. threw in what money I could.

Some shitcoins were now worthless. I held AMB MOD ENG XRP lol…

But I also had a fair amount of FUN, XLM, and one whole ETH. I was invigorated… This time around I did my research. Everything you guys talked shit on and hated I meticulously researched. Usually it turned out you were right.. Everything you praised I also meticulously researched… still not drinking the koolaid unless it’s GRT flavored. I still hold “shitcoins” but I believe in the developers and I believe in the projects and I believe people here generally have the best interest of the community and technology in mind.

My main positions are ETH, XLM, GRT, REN, LINK, and BCH(I encourage you to talk shit on my positions below) I’m still broke, I’m probably spread a little thin…Some I believe in their strength as currency, others I see use case. I am a broke student again investing in crypto… but “this time it’s different.”

Thank you for the loss porn(Mine isn’t graphic enough.. high percentages low amounts of money)the memes, and generally not being too shilly. When I want to learn about a coin I never go to the subreddit, I come here. I pour through your debates and research all angles. I may actually make it boys. My dad is a stock focused guy and doesn’t believe in investing in currency but when I told him about functionality and infrastructure he said “well maybe those ones would be good pics” after years of telling me to avoid the scam. I still never told him about the hit I took in 2018 because he’s right often enough.

Im learning JavaScript and Solidity this time around because I have a strange token idea. This subreddit is a breath for fresh air from WSB, /biz/, and project subs.

Thanks a million

Edit: talk shit on my positions!

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