Seems like IOTA is having some internal issues between IOTA Foundation and Come-From-Beyond (JINN).

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IOTA Foundation Post:

CfB Post:

Some interesting reads and viewpoints from both sides. Some interesting quotes:

At one point David said that the IOTA Foundation was going to add binary and quantum-vulnerable cryptographic schemes. This was the last straw and I insisted on parting ways and funds.

Now he has 3 days to give me my 50% of Jinn Labs’ assets. If this doesn’t happen a civil/criminal lawsuit will be initiated against him. This is another promise I give, so David can be sure it will indeed happen. The IOTA Foundation should distance itself from him in this case by making him resign unless they want to drag the whole foundation into the legal troubles.

We knew from day one that ternary would incur a performance debt in the short to medium term just as we knew that spearheading quantum robustness in DLT would also incur a performance penalty.

Does this mean IOTA is forever abandoning ternary? No, but we accept that right now, with IOTA being the leading contender to become a standardized DLT protocol for IoT and beyond, it is the right thing to do.

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