Question on the ethics of tainted funds and fungibility, decentralization. If I put an ENS name worth 5k eth up for sale and someone like the UpBit hacker or some other hack buys my ENS or NFT. Am I responsible for giving this ether back to the victim?

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Just a thought about the ethics and fungibility of ether and the responsibility of hacked or stolen funds. If I as a user put an NFT or asset up on the open market and it gets purchased by stolen funds is it reasonable for the victim to expect me to return the stolen ether or to keep it? What about the asset is that now the property of the victim if the account is able to be held accountable that purchased it? is the transaction supposed to be reversed once the asset can be returned?

What are your thoughts on what should happen with tainted ether? Should we be moving to make ether more private like cash, making laundering easier but protecting market participants and fungibility of assets.

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