Poll: Add a cutoff point of 50 moons, with no rewards for those who would be awarded less

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The official plan is to eventually move moons onto the Ethereum mainnet. Having looked at the karma data the rewards are based on, it seems painfully obvious that near enough zero people would ever bother to transfer a few dozen moons on mainnet. Transaction fees would be far greater than the value of those moons. And in the end it looks like reddit would have to pay those fees. Which I can't imagine they would be happy to do for long. Therefore I propose a cutoff point. If, according to the raw data, your reward would be less than 50 moons in a given month, you get nothing, your reward goes back in the pool, and rewards are slightly higher for more active users. This poll takes no position on other proposals that are compatible with it, and could reasonably be passed or voted down independently of most other proposed changes.

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