Orchid OXT

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I am continuing post my "Crypto of the Day", to help to promote discussion and ideas, and also to help myself and others learn more.

Clearly, no one can predict the future, and nothing here should be taken as financial advice. However, I am sure there are some valuable personal opinions out there, and there is definitely an entertainment value in reading stuff like this.

Regarding the crypto of the day, Orchid (OXT), I am curious of the following…

Currently selling at $0.27.

Please post if you have any financial predictions for this project for; the next month, the end of 2020, the end of 2021, the end of 2025. I know most of you avoid this part, and that is fine. It is near impossible to predict how numbers will play out within such a volatile market.

What percent of your portfolio is this project currently?

What should we all know, good, bad, and indifferent, about this project?

It seems people are likely to post the positive in each project, but please remember that critical insight is just as useful.

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