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When looking for a coin that is undervalued, then look no further than Monero.

Monero Succeeds At What It Does Best:

Many people like to jump to conclusion and say "it is used for drugs". Monero has no control over what its currency is used for. Monero was made to be private money. Because it succeeded at its privacy features, it started getting used for illicit activities. I do not condone those illicit activities. But that should definitely tell you something. It is really good at what it does.

Digital Fungibility Is Important For Cryptocurrencies:

Monero has default privacy. Why is that important? Default privacy enables digital fungibility. What does digital fungibility mean? Considering tracing companies are doing there best to improve, there are many cases where users get their bitcoins frozen on a centralized wallet or exchange because they didn't like the fact they used those bitcoins in a gambling site. Or simply someone bought the wrong persons bitcoins, because they had no idea what they used it for before. Now imagine being innocent, and losing your funds because of that. A fungible cryptocurrency will make it impossible to taint a cryptocurrency. So 1 XMR will always equal 1 XMR, no matter what it was used for.

Millions of dollars spent on violating your crypto-privacy:

Institutions and corporations spend millions (possibly billions) of dollars building the best software and analytics to track cryptocurrencies. They succeeded in all cryptocurrencies, but one. Monero. If that is not bullish, then I don't know what is. Forget what the media tells you about it, think about the dedication put into it.

Monero has the third most number of contributors:

Now where does that dedication come from? It comes from over 250 contributors in the Monero project. Monero has the third most number of contributors (first place: bitcoin, second: ethereum). Every time there was an technical issue, the monero developers immediately fixed it. All these contributors are working extra hard to provide privacy based cryptocurrency that people can rely on. It can be innocent people from third world countries with a suppressing government.

Average 2 minutes block-time:

Using Monero is awesome too! Average block time is 2 minutes, much lower than majority of currency-based coins.

It costs pennies to transact in Monero:

The fee's are extremely low, and do not increase to unreasonable amounts because of sudden usage. The average fees is $0.02 to $0.10.

Price action:

Since many of you seem to be focused on the price these days. Here is the outlook right now. Most of the pressure is coming from the $200 sell wall. Once XMR buying power breaches that wall, the momentum should start to pick up like the rest of the market.

I honestly feel that Monero can easily be priced at $500 to $600.

Monero (XMR):

The initial mission for Monero is to create a secure and private cryptocurrency, and they continue to succeed on developing such a cryptocurrency.

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