MEREBEL MULTINODE INVESTMENT | First of Its Kind Masternode Hedge Fund

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One of the sure-shot ways to earn from the crypto markets is through the direct trading of cryptocurrencies in an open market. However, looking at the highly volatile nature of crypto assets, retail players have been hesitant to participate.

The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency platform has opened investment avenues for small and big investors to earn a steady income and maintain consistent cash flow through Masternode hosting.

A Masternode is similar to a normal node within the blockchain network that looks after validating new blocks and transactions. However, a Masternode comes with much higher responsibilities and often called as the server of the blockchain network.

A Masternode is basically responsible for security control, network transaction, and maintenance of the overall condition of the network. Unlike the PoW’s miner-dominated model, a Masternode model allows investors to earn passive income without the need for high-end hardware and massive mining costs.

Merebel – A Unique Masternode Ecosystem for Investors

While hosting your own masternode can be a technically daunting task, MEREBEL – The MasterRebelNode platform helps to remove all the technical entry barrier for investors.

Merebel has developed a unique crypto-financial ecosystem for masternodes by offering a wide range of services through its innovative masternode cryptocurrency MERI.

Merebel provides an integrated platform, superior connectivity, and user-friendly interface for masternode operators allowing them to invest without much effort.

Offering Masternode rewards is nothing new in the blockchain industry. However, what different Merebel from other Masternode Service providers is the innovation it brings to the platform.

Bringing Innovation Through Multi-Node Investment Pool and Mutual fund Portfolio

One of the innovative features of the Merebel Masternode hosting is its unique multi-node investment pool and the auto-exchanger system. As the name suggests, the multi-node investment pool means spreading investments across multiple nodes thereby hedging your risks while simultaneously collecting payments in Bitcoin.

Moreover, to run a complete Masternode, there is always a minimum investment threshold involved. Merebel’s multi-node investment pool breaks this entry barrier by using a pool and sharing a masternode with other investors.

Thus, a masternode pool allows investors to park their money in a number of different masternodes simultaneously while hedging your investment risks considerably.

In a crypto-finance industry, a multi-node investment is often regarded as a mutual fund with its biggest advantage being the spread of risks. Additionally, the Multi-Node-Pool dashboard allows investors to track several different stats like prices, transactions, wallet balances, masternodes and other Multi-Node-Pools stats.

Besides, you can also monitor specific information about different coins in your portfolio. this could be anything like the volume, the total coins in circulation, maximum coin supply, the total market cap, the masternode earnings, masternode collaterals, and even the current ROI.

Thus, the multi-node-pool dashboard helps users to track every data required and even export it instantly for tax purposes.

Just like the traditional mutual funds portfolio, the crypto mutual fund is an investment vehicle comprising a portfolio of digital assets. All funds within the Merebel ecosystem are operated by crypto specialists who do the fund allocation for capital gains and generating income for investors.

Another unique feature of the Merebel Ecosystem is the auto-exchanger system. The Auto-Exchange-Trader system minimizes risk at a large scale as the earned rewards are immediately exchanged to bitcoin.

The Auto-Exchange system facilitates automated trades of the Masternode as well as your rewards. Thus, the Merebel platform provides its users with the most up-to-date prices in real-time.

Simplifying the Multi-Node Architecture

If you are interested in understanding multi-node architectures here is how it looks. A typical multi-node architecture consists of hosts, nodes, a shared file system and a load balancer.

  • The host refers to a physical or virtual server. A server can host none as well as multiple nodes.
  • A node runs on the host i.e. Merebel blockchain network. Multiple nodes together form a cluster.
  • The shared file system is important here as it allows multiple nodes to use the same file using the same-set configuration. The shared disk facilitates data flows, configuration, partners, and other transferable files.
  • Similarly the load balancer is part of the system infrastructure that dispatches all the incoming files to different hosts. A load balancer can be either a software or a hardware through which incoming connections can pass. Note that the outgoing traffic doesn’t use a load balancer.

Note that these concepts are applicable to a general multi-node architecture. But in case of Merebel since we had implemented auto-exchange facility, the load balancer concept doesn’t work here.

In a major development this month, Merebel developers are also currently working on a unique pricing model called MASTER-CAPITAL-INDEX. For its AutoExchanger system, Merebel want’s to reduce any sort of dependency of this party exchanges and implement the entire process internally.

Merebel’s Autoexchanger system will be available in its next updates wherein you can automatically switch your rewards to the current BTC price. This will be a major milestone towards being a self-sufficient and automated Masternode investment system.


Merebel Multinodes is a beast when it comes to passive income. With all these functions, it is like a dream come true for every investor.

While many cryptocurrency platforms offer the facility to generate passive income through masternode hosting, only a few like Merebel provide a robust system that allows investors to hedge their funds across several masternodes.

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March 5, 2020

January 16, 2020

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