It took the market over 3 years to bounce back from the 2013 bull run. We’re only 2 years out from the insane 2017 bull run.

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Usual disclaimer: everything could go to zero, etc, etc.

Yesterday really surprised me. In the depths of a long drawn out bear, the market managed to jump, what, 40 billion in a matter of hours. I've been following this since 2013 and even that surprised me. Am not into TA or any of that, but 99% of movements in this market are related to herd psychology. My confidence is definitely up for a decent bull run in the next couple of years. And now that we have so much more infrastructure in place (CB, fiat gateways, more exchanges, simpler on-ramps), if the wider public ever gets sucked into this, could be a big one

Again, disclaimer, could all go to pot, but yesterday has shown how much insane potential is sitting there, even in a bear winter.

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