Is CoinDeskMiner a scam or not?

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I’m simply creating this post here because i want people to find it when they search for CoinDeskMiner in Google.

It is a scam, they “offer” money guaranteed and even claim they pay the losses themselves.

They are active on all sorts of media and try to scam people who don’t know any better by private message and explain how they are making so much money out of it.

“ We can get it all done now within five minutes and you’re ready to get profits…”

“ Ok go search for coindeskminers . com and create your account with the company.. Then send me a screenshot of your CoinDeskMiner account and we proceed” “ Their least investment plan is $100-$1000 to earn 4% profit after 24hrs…”

For any newcomers there are a few crypto rules that you should tattoo on your body:

  • if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true.
  • No such thing as free money, there is always someone who pays the price.
  • Don’t gamble on emotions, i can get why 4% daily gains sounds appealing to you and how some may act on it.

4% daily returns guaranteed simply CAN NOT exist.

If you have reached this page because you wanted to check if it is a scam or not then i would suggest you to NOT invest just yet into crypto, you NEED to do some serious research first because the odds you will get scammed are very high!

Best thing you can do is ask your questions in this sub and don’t answer private messages, someone private messaging you is 99% a scammer, and this goes for ALL media (telegram, twitter, discord (holyshit), etc..) . Best of luck.

“But crypto is free money i want to jump in now and fast!88!”

I wish you the best of luck, you have 99% chance to lose your money.

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