Ripple Makes Last-Ditch Attempt to Dismiss Securities Lawsuit

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Ripple has filed a final motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that it held an unauthorized securities sale of its XRP tokens, arguing that the plaintiffs failed to meet a legal deadline for filing the suit.

The crypto company has reiterated its stance that XRP tokens are not a security and, therefore, not held to SEC regulations regarding offerings and has labeled the case against it as “self-defeating.” In addition to this argument, Ripple also says that the case was brought to court after the statute of repose, which states that claims must be made within …

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Ethereum Gets Solid Support from Ernst & Young: What to Expect

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The past few days have been quite difficult for the crypto space due to the continuing poor performance by some of the leading tokens; however, major cryptocurrency Ethereum received some boost today. In a new development, consultancy giant Ernst & Young announced a new source code that could make the ETH blockchain far more efficient and secure.

How Important is This?

The development comes at an interesting time since ETH is all set to upgrade its network in order to control costs significantly and promote efficiency. This is a development that could have a far-reaching effect …

Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.

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Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund Locks Over 85% of LFE Cash Tokens

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Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund (a professional Cayman Islands investment fund) has secured 3,547,437,988 LFE Cash tokens for its flagship digital asset fund that has been launched this week.

The deal itself was completed by its parent group Fortune Star Investments Ltd way back at the LFE ITO closing. FSI have provided much needed working capital and guidance for the LFE management team since closing out the ITO. Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund has appointed fund administrator IFINA UK to act and has confirmed the fund has a three year lock up which IFINA UK have also confirmed independently.

Sam Bratchie of IFINA UK stated: “Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund is another digital asset fund administered by IFINA UK and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with the sponsors of the fund. We are also permitted to confirm that the fund’s strategy is to hold their LFEC (LFE Cash tokens) for three years. The belief that the fund has in the LFE business model and ecosystem is plain for everyone to see.”

When asked for comment Jim Aylward, Founder of the LFE added: “For us, having institutional backing in the LFE Cash token is a huge moment. It shows our retail token holders that the token has true scarcity value now. Furthermore, it also shows that management and the majority of token holders are in this for the long haul. We are very excited about what the future holds in terms of news and more developments.”

Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund is managed by White Tiger Asset Mangement Ltd (Cayman) and is currently sat with $1.6B USD AUM after opening up at $800m USD AUM. White Tiger Asset Mangement portfolio manager Nathan Weiss added: “We are excited to announce the addition of LFE Cash to our Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund. The fund aims to hold for a minimum of three years in terms of LFE Cash, in line with our long-term value proposition. When you see the hard work and commitment that has gone into the LFE project it is great to see a result like this for founders, existing holders and the Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund with everyone’s interests aligned. We continue to seek out and add digital assets that complement the current portfolio holdings.”

The LFE project has now gained considerable traction being one of the most top two hotly traded tokens on in its debut week of trading. Further announcements are expected imminently given the level of interest in the project and we are sure there will be more excitement to follow.

LFECash (LFEC) is exclusively available on StellarX & Interstellar exchanges and is hotly tipped to continue its early success as the LFE plan to make huge announcements before Christmas.

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Post source: Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund Locks Over 85% of LFE Cash Tokens

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CruxPay by CoinSwitch is Making Crypto Transactions Easier Than Ever Before

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Developed by CoinSwitch – a major cryptocurrency exchange platform, CRUXPay is one of the popular decentralized systems that is mainly used for Blockchain naming and easier transaction functions. Creating your account with CRUXPay and getting started with the system is a simple process. All you got to do is create a CRUX ID and get access to its amazing features and advanced security. The moment you create the CRUX ID, your account will be linked to the Blockchain address. Any specific Blockchain address backed by your Crypto wallet can be linked to your CRUX ID.

are the Common Mistakes Done During Crypto Transactions?

As much as trading
cryptocurrency is an exciting and secure idea, its pitfalls are annoying.
Crypto users (especially beginners) are likely to commit mistakes when
investing, storing, and trading these digital coins.

One such mistake
that crypto users should avoid is the inability to protect their crypto
wallets. Everything you invest, deposit, and receive is stored in these
wallets. Though they are secure, the users can lose or forget their wallet’s
private keys. If that happens, you will lose all your crypto savings for good.

Furthermore, the
smartphone or other devices that are storing your crypto wallet can be stolen,
lost, misplaced, and broken. Now that your device is no longer active, you lose
your access to the wallet and the private keys that your device was holding.
The best possible way to retrieve your money from the wallet is by creating a
backup in advance. That is exactly what the CRUXPay protocol helps you do. Now
that you have linked the private keys of your wallet to the CRUX ID, you no
longer need to worry about the wallet lost.

on Blockchain Naming Services and How Can They Help in Easier Crypto

The main purpose of
the Blockchain naming Services (BNS) is to connect the user-selected names to
off-state. The process takes place without the involvement of the central
points of management. The network does not allow any confusion since the name
assigned to each state is different. Furthermore, the name is picked by the individual.

As the popularity
and usage of cryptocurrency is increasing at a rapid rate, the token
transactions are getting more difficult than ever before. Blockchain networks
have failed to solve the “wrong address transaction errors” issues.
Basically, this error occurs when the user creates an address that involves too
many letters and numbers. If you don’t verify the address before processing the
transaction, there’s a good chance all your money will be transferred to the
wrong user’s account.

The wrong address
errors are getting common as cryptocurrency platforms are occupied by a large
number of users worldwide. To recover these tokens, the users need to pay a
heavy fee to the exchanges.

To cope with the
issue, developers came up with a BNS system that allows users to create their
own human-readable address. Undoubtedly, this feature has made it much easier
for users to type the address quickly when sending money across different

to Wallet Transfer Services by CruxPay

Needless to say, users
can request, transfer, and receive payment with a valid CRUX ID. In addition to
that, individuals can connect to any dApps using their CRUX ID. You can enjoy
the benefits of wallet to wallet transfer using CRUXPay.

Being a
decentralized protocol, CRUXPay enables users to create a 100% secure CRUX ID.
As far as its security and reliability are concerned, you can rest assured that
CRUX ID is built keeping in mind the user’s security needs. Your CRUX ID is
supported by Bitcoin’s hash power. Moreover, the ID is created using the public
and private keys of your wallet.

Transaction – A Modern Crypto Feature by CruxPay

The main feature of
CRUXPay is its pull transaction services, a system that has been lacking in
recent crypto world. Pull system eliminates the requirement of entering the
wallet details, recipients’ address, the total amount, and other necessary
information when transferring the money.

With a pull
transaction, the service provider can pull your money from the crypto wallet
just like how credit card does. You only need to provide your CRUXID to the
service provider and the latter will send a request of pulling a certain amount
of money from your wallet. Once you approve the request, the money will be

Post source: CruxPay by CoinSwitch is Making Crypto Transactions Easier Than Ever Before

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