Ripple’s XRP Scores New Crypto Exchange Listing

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With Ripple’s XRP posting significant gains today, things could be looking up. XRP just scored a new listing on top-50 cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT paired with BTC and USDT.

Things Looking Up for XRP?
Ripple’s XRP suffered a catastrophic 2019 as the worst-performing of the top 10 coins last year, finishing the year at less than 20 cents a coin. But, in 2020, XRP seems to have followed the trend of most major coins.

It started out recovering slowly, then gaining momentum before suffering the extreme market volatility in March. Now, at still just below 30 cents, XRP is looking promising with an 8.49% gain over the last 24 hours.
What’s driving XRP’s recovery? Well, likely several factors, but a new exchange listing will certainly be helping. This weekend, WhiteBIT exchange released the announcement that XRP would be joining its exchange.

Good news! $XRP is joining our exchange! It is paired with BTC and USDT.
— WhiteBIT (@WhiteBit6) April 4, 2020

Launched in Dec 2018, WhiteBIT has a solid European base. It offers low trading fees at 0.1% and both crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions. It also holds required European Exchange and Custody licenses, and allegedly meets all KYC and AML requirements.
Traders on this exchange can enjoy instant transactions, have the possibility of staking USDT while making up to 9% interest. The exchange also offers a number of trading tools and additional features. WhiteBIT also has margin trading listing as “coming soon” and with the popularity of XRP futures, this could bring in more customers.
RippleNet Tech Continues to Make Waves
Despite fears of central bank digital currencies threatening Ripple’s payment technology, Ripple Labs continues to find new use cases for its RippleNet technology.
With more than 300 partners including Money Gram, American Express, and Santander bank, RippleNet has been gaining traction.
It has recently added the Southeast Asian market to its growing list signing partnerships with major remittance institutions in Thailand.
Lawsuits and controversial dumping issues aside, a new listing is a bullish sign for XRP which will hopefully see a better performance in 2020.
What do you think is driving the XRP market today? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bank of Korea Begins Central Bank Digital Currency Rollout

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Talk of CBDCs may have taken a back seat for many world central banks right now. Yet, despite claiming there was no reason for one just a couple of months ago, the Bank of Korea has unveiled a 22-month pilot plan.

Bank of Korea About Turn on Digital Currency
It seems as if the Bank of Korea has done an about-turn on the importance of a CBDC. Despite its skeptical stance in early February, bank execs have now decided to adjust their plans for the issuance of a Korean CBDC. It will be following steps similar to those laid out by Japan and the United States according to the Korea Times report.
Rather than take a full-steam-ahead approach to a national digital currency, the Bank of Korea (BOK) has been rather more concerned about how a digital WON would destabilize the financial system in the country.
Whether the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and looming economic threat are factors at play are uncertain. But for now, the BOK is ready to try out tests over 22 months to see how well a digital currency can replace paper money. Among other factors, the bank will be checking the technical issues encountered during the pilot.
Korean Approach Reflects Stance of Major Developed Countries
This approach by the BOK looks a lot more like that of other world powers including the United Kingdom, Japan, the U.S., and Canada. A BOK official commented:
The U.S. and Japan had had no plans to issue a CBDC in the near future, but they changed their stance recently to enhance research in the emerging area.
South Korea is not the only large economy to begin taking digital currencies seriously. In fact, the bank joins in with at least six major Western banks that have formed a joint research group in January of this year.
The main player on the Asian continent is China, who announced that developing a CBDC was a top priority last year. Although, no date for its launch has been given as of yet. The BOK official added:
The BOK also decided to remain proactive in the rapid shift in payment environments here and abroad, so we are going to set up the CBDC pilot system and check technical and legal issues surrounding its introduction here.
While the commitment to a pilot project is a step forward for South Korea, the central bank maintained that the shift would not happen in the near future. This is because there is still a heavy reliance in the country on cash for many payment service markets.
What do you make of South Korea’s new plans to launch a central bank digital currency? Add your thoughts below!

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Post source: Bank of Korea Begins Central Bank Digital Currency Rollout

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Who Are the Most Popular People in the Crypto Industry

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The crypto industry was forged through the vision, experience, and knowledge of many great people. And while some stay in the background, several are always in the limelight and making headlines. In today’s article, we will be featuring some of the most popular personalities from the crypto industry.

Changpeng Zhao


The CEO and founder of Binance, also known as CZ for short, is one of the most popular figures in the crypto world. Born as a citizen of China, he then moved with his family to Canada in the 80s’. As a teenager, he had to work at McDonald’s to help support his family.

But after graduating college, Zhao began his employment at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He then went on to work as a futures trading software developer at Bloomberg Tradebook. In 2005, he relocated to Shanghai and became the founder of a high-frequency trading system called Fusion Systems. Starting with 2013, Zhao began delving into various cryptocurrency projects, including and also acted as chief technology officer of OKCoin, a well-known crypto exchange.

2017 was the year in which CZ began the crypto project he is most known for today – the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Binance is now one of the biggest exchanges according to daily trading volumes. CZ is very active on social media, being quick to respond to the community. The founder’s transparent approach for all things related to the exchange has been widely appreciated by all crypto enthusiasts.

Vitalik Buterin


Vitalik Buterin is recognized in the community as being the lead creator of the number one altcoin project, Ethereum. Born in Russia, he moved with his family to Canada in childhood.

Vitalik showed that he had a penchant for math and software development early on. Back in 2011, he started writing at Bitcoin Magazine, where he also acted as co-founder. Four years later, the Ethereum blockchain was launched. The platform was created over the course of two years, and it introduced the ability to develop decentralized online applications on a blockchain.

Vitalik is involved in the development of Ethereum and is a present figure at important crypto events and meetings.

Winklevoss Twins


The Winklevoss brothers – Tyler and Cameron – are the co-founders of the Gemini crypto exchange, which is a highly regulated crypto trading platform in the US.

The twins were among the first people to become Bitcoin billionaires. They are probably most known for their case against Mark Zuckerberg. Back in 2004, in cooperation with Divya Narendra, Winklevosses launched the ConnectU social network. Mark Zuckerberg was sued for copying their platform’s idea and using it for Facebook. They used the proceedings to buy Bitcoin and ended up owning 1% of all BTC supply. Then, BTC surged in late 2017, which made them the first Bitcoin billionaires.

The Winklevoss brothers are serial venture capitalists and are among the top crypto influencers, as they continue investing and developing new crypto projects.

Justin Sun


Justin is the ex-chief representative of Ripple and now is mostly known as the founder of TRON – a top crypto platform that is among the top 20 by market cap. Justin is a very active figure in the twitter community and continually promotes the benefits of using cryptos and implementing blockchain technology. Sun quickly branched out and acquired BitTorrent, one of the top platforms for peer to peer file sharing.

Chris Larsen


Chris Larsen is one of the three co-founders of the third most popular cryptocurrency Ripple, and he is estimated to be worth around $7.5-8 billion.

In 2012, he worked with Jed McCaleb ( Stellar’s founder) to develop and integrate blockchain technology so it can be used in global banking operations, and thus created the Ripple token (XRP).

Joseph Lubin


Lubin is one of the co-founders of the Ethereum project and founder of the ConsenSys, a software-production studio. ConsenSys, which provides security audits, consulting, the launch of tokens and other services for other companies.

He was employed at Goldman Sachs Private Equity Management Division for a while before working at Ethereum Switzerland GmbH (EthSuisse) as Chief Operating Officer in 2014. There he worked to extend the abilities of the type of blockchain database used in Bitcoin, and allow it to store programs, data and facilitate, verify, or implement the negotiation or execution of smart contracts.

He met Vitalik Buterin and his business partner, Anthony Di Orio, around that same time, and from January 2014, he became an active investor in Ethereum.

Brian Armstrong


Brian Armstrong is the CEO of popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. He is estimated to have a worth anywhere from $900 million to $1 billion.

Coinbase started out in 2012 and has since become one of the most reputable exchanges in the United States and among the few to support fiat and crypto transactions.

In August 2017, when Bitcoin was at its peak, the Coinbase app was the most downloaded one in the AppStore in the United States.

Erik Voorhees


Erik Voorhees created the exchange, where a large variety of digital assets can be converted amongst each other via web and mobile platforms. He is a vocal proponent of Bitcoin and is a frequent keynote speaker at crypto events and conferences. Voorhees was also involved in the creation of the KryptoKit Bitcoin wallet, co-founder of Bitcoin company, Coinapult, and founder and Partial Owner of SatoshiDICE.

Charles Hoskinson

Charles HoskinsonYahoo Finance

Hoskinson was another co-founder and initial investor of Ethereum, but he then moved on to create the IOHK project, a public smart contract blockchain platform for the Cardano crypto. The Ethereum Classic coin also is based on IOHK.

Jack Dorsey


Jack Dorsey is a popular name in the crypto and tech space. He is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and he is also responsible for Square, a financial and mobile payment service. In recent years, Dorsey expanded the transfer capabilities of Square to also include Bitcoin purchases.

Dorsey has always been an ardent supporter of cryptocurrencies and their use, and in recent years, he has been actively working to implement such functionalities in his payment products.


This has been our list containing some of the most popular names in the crypto industry. The power of crypto influencers is huge on the masses, and we can only hope that they use their powers for good.

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