iam holding 3k of PAY since 2017 and respectively 3k of their new tenx token. i got lied to and now got perma banned from the tenx sub for telling my perspective. seems fair

Ursprünglich erschienen auf: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/i30mz6/iam_holding_3k_of_pay_since_2017_and_respectively/

post got deleted because i linked something wrong, so here you go again without that mistake, sorry.

i still somewhat liked them, mostly because their card is working and i really enjoying using it.

the reason for the ban, i answered a question about the tenx token and what is the difference between pay and tenx.

so i, and i think a lot of others as well, wrote that both tokens basically are useless.

pay token does nothing and is therefore worth nothing but they use it to pay rewards, after they promised to everyone they would pay out rewards in eth. their new token, TENX, does nothing as well. since its only purpose is generate pay (which, as we know, does nothing). so bascially both are huge piles of junk garbage while tenx keeps creating viedeos how good and smooth everything is running yada yada.

just felt the need to write this down, because getting censored like that, i believe, is for the detriment of everyone who enjoys open discussions.

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