I… don’t… understand… the… hype… for… XRP….???

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Yes, I get who it's backed by, and get its purpose and significance for global finance… but it stays right at about 25cents. And if it is meant to be used as some sort of global currency, esp for all the globally unbanked.. esp for poorer countries. wouldn't it make sense for its value to remain minimal? If not, please enlighten me

edit: let me rephrase… I don't understand why XRP hodlers believe the price of XRP will be $2, $5, $500, or $1000 when it's PURPOSE is for the globally unbanked, particularly in smaller and poorer countries

Me, the probably uneducated, would think if that is the case of its purpose, it would make more sense for the price and value to remain minimal. If not, please educate me

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