Houbi and Solve.Care team up to raise funds to fight Coronavirus with Project Hope.

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According to live data from Johns Hopkins CSSE, more than 30,000 people around the world are already infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV), and this number is increasing every minute.

Solve.Care, as a global healthcare platform, can't just stand on the sidelines during this global health emergency. For that reason, we’re partnering with a Singapore-based trading platform Huobi to donate and offer support to Project HOPE and help people with the Wuhan coronavirus. Right now, the Project HOPE team is hard at work airlifting aid to the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak, providing critical supplies, and supporting health workers who have been battling the epidemic.

We believe that in times like these, we all need to come together and make healthcare available to those who need it and prevent others from getting affected.

You can participate in this initiative by simply sending SOLVE and/or Huobi tokens to a wallet specifically setup for this campaign. Every cent of all proceeds donated will be given directly to Project Hope to address this critical health crisis.

Coronavirus Project Hope Wallet Address : 0x68065ca481bfb5e84c0d0e1ceae3021786f9aec6

Solve.Care and Huobi have already contributed 2 BTC in SOLVE and Huobi tokens and we now invite our community to join this important initiative.

The wallet will remain open for donations until 23:59 GMT on February 21th. Please note that only SOLVE Tokens and Huobi Tokens can be accepted.

Make a lifesaving donation now.

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