Four years ago, I bought my BFF’s 8 year old son 0.4 ETH as a birthday present. It cost me $100 Canadian (about $75 USD).

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My friend is a financial advisor directing clients to various mutual funds and whatnot, as is his wildly conservative father, and they thought it was a pretty dumb gift for an 8 year old. My friend, who explained what he does for a living to his kid, tried to explain what I had done as one would to an 8 year old. What a terrible “uncle” I am!

Yesterday, I sent his kid the exact amount of fiat the purchase cost at the time ($100) and a note that he has made and additional $575 CAD ($450 USD) on that $100 and we’ll let it ride until his dad says stop. His dad is naturally pissed at the dilemma I’ve created, which is a extra sweet since pissing him off makes me just as happy as his elated sons reaction to “being rich”.

Told the little shit to hodl through high school and use it to help pay for college.

Best “uncle” ever.

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