For the NEO holders who may have missed this one

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Forgive me if I'm simply not searching correctly, but I couldn't immediatly see it on this subreddit, so I thought it might be interested for NEO holders who may have missed out on the news.

Admittedly, it was by accident a few days ago that I stumbled onto the news of being able to stake NEO on the Flamingo Finance platform. Flamingo describes itself as an interoperable, full-stack decentralized finance protocol built on the Neo blockchain. you can read more about it here!

In an event call the "Mint Rush" (started yesterday after some startup woes and lasts until the 30th), Neo holders are able to wrap and stake their NEO to receive a share of the FLM governance token.

So far, there is about $1.3 billion dollars locked in the platform. 1.3B locked so far

DYOR, go check it out if you haven't heard about it. I've personally staked my own holdings and barring a few hickups, have not had any strange things happening so far. For me, after the UNI drop, I've decided to become a bit more active when it comes to hopefully catching some interesting drops and the idea of NEO potentially becoming an interesting player in the defi space, sounds promising.

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