Discussion of the Day: Lition (LIT)

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-Today's Crypto of the Day is Lition (LIT), and it's current price is $0.1342.

-Since 2/18/20, every day I have featured a new crypto of the day for us to discuss. I try to make follow up posts within a week, but I am behind at the moment. I try to mix in the most popular projects, along with some long shots. Sometimes I even feature projects I personally am not a fan of, just for the sake of conversation. I feel it is important for us to focus on the pros and cons of all projects, even if that sometimes means playing devil's advocate. At this point, I plan to try to continue making these posts until I have completed a full year.

-If you decide to reply, please add something more than, "scam" or "this coin will moon to $1000 by the end of 2020". Please say why. If it is a scam, link or show evidence. If you feel it is a true moonshot, what makes this project special with that sort of potential? It seems many people within this community only promote projects they are financially invested in, while trash talking coins they do not hold bags.

-I strongly encourage everyone to follow up on past discussions and you can still make comments on them. There is a lot of valuable information on many of these posts, so please check them out as you have time. You may learn a lot regarding some of these projects. I know I certainly did!


-These posts are not meant to be financial advice, but instead to be an educational discussion. Everyone is responsible for doing their own research.

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