Crypto Kirby is a perma bear and if you take him seriously you could lose a lot of money.

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He is condescending, laughs at people’s misfortune and if I had never followed him I would have earned my 1 and only bitcoin at a much lower dollar cost average. Kirby likes to cover himself by saying things like “the bulls DO have this going on for them” but immediately follows his statements by ALWAYS giving bearish sentiments more reverence.

Two years ago I had been regularly dollar cost averaging until I discovered crypto Kirby online. (And yes I know he is no financial advisor and everyone else should know that too) he seemed knowledgeable and even swore he was long term bullish on bitcoin. This asshat predicted an $1200 bitcoin back in 2018 during the bear market and so I like many many others stopped our dollar cost averaging.

In the end it’s my fault for ever listening to the guy but I just want everyone to know Crypto Kirby and his channel is shit and not worth paying attention to.

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