Crypto is a 24/7 market. Should indicator time frames be adjusted for this? (EMAs, RSI, etc.)

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I'm currently learning more about EMAs and of course most available knowledge is about the Forex markets. For example, the most common EMAs would be 50 – 100 – 200 for medium to long term trend.

But is this knowledge based around the forex five day week? In other words 5 weeks 10 weeks and 20 weeks (50 – 100 – 200). Would it be a good idea to adjust this for a 24/7 market? I.e. (35 – 70 – 140).

I have noticed in my own charts that after switching to a 35 EMA for example, on BTC/USD the 35 EMA has proven in the past to be a much more accurate support than the 50 EMA.

What are your thoughts on this? What are your techniques? What does the majority of the community accept?

Hope you're all winning! cheers.

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