Community Proposals and Voting Guidelines

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Since we have community voting in place now, it would be helpful to outline minimum viable guidelines for Community Proposals and voting on them.

1. Submission of Proposals: Any submitter who wishes to submit a new Community Proposal must submit the same to moderators of r/Cryptocurrency via Modmail and outline clearly the need for the proposal, along with a brief write up of the pros and cons of the proposal. The submitter can source feedback from the sub's readers prior to submitting a proposal by creating a thread on r/CryptocurrencyMeta, which can also be used for discussing the proposal in the future.

2. Examination of Proposal by Moderators: On receipt of the proposal, the moderators will discuss it and then proceed for a voting, or advise the reader if voting is not viable for any reason (for example if a similar proposal was voted on recently, or if implementing the proposal would be technically unviable for the sub-reddit). On proceeding to vote, the moderators can also offer a recommendation on the proposal (i.e. to vote for or against).

3. Holding The Vote: Any proposal that clears submission stage will move into voting. Voting will be scheduled for a period of 7 days. During this period, the proposal may be sticked on the sub whenever an opportunity presents, for instance if there is no other scheduled sticky/AMA etc. If the sticky slots are full, the proposal can be sticked on the Daily Threads.

4. Quorum: To qualify, a Community Proposal must win the vote with a quorum of 10% of Moons tokens currently in circulation. For Moons distribution proposals, the quorum is currently 20% weight of the supply of Moons tokens.

5. Votes Cast By Undistributed Moderator Tokens: These tokens are held for future distribution to community as rewards for activities, trivia, quiz etc. Votes for these tokens will be cast via a simple majority polling among the moderators.

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