Coinbase is skimming more than their fee off the top?

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In the Coinbase App I recently invested $2,500 into chainlink to catch the recent uptick. I received an email confirmation that $2,468 was successfully invested with $32 being taken for fees. All seems normal to this point.

While looking at the Chainlink menu/page under "history" I noticed that only $2,247 was applied to link, and that the difference between $2,468 and $2,247 ($221) was missing. My balance also reflects this. Its like salt in the wound that the price went up even further meaning i missed out on $221 plus the gains.

I opened an issue with Coinbase and their reply was that they take the fee and an additional 200 "basis points of spread" (I don't know what points are) to account for volatility.

This means that their effective fee is over 10%?? I know the transaction was not processed manually due to Coinbase volume. Does Coinbase really apply a fee and then sneak a skim off the top? Why are my confirmation email and account showing significantly different values? Now I have to check each transaction to make sure the confirmation emails actually match my account. Terrible look for Coinbase and if they do not rectify this by comping me $221 plus gains, then I am certainly leaving their platform and suggesting everyone does as well.

I would love a Coinbase rep to explain this to me.

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