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Hello all,

A few months ago, I had discussed with /u/loobooloo about the state of the subreddit. It's been a bit of a difficult balance with keeping the subreddit following it's original intention of being the "4chan of /r/CryptoCurrency". In the early days of the subreddit, it was fairly easy. The worst things that went on here were tons of daily new coin announcements of a yet-another BTC or LTC fork. There were some blatant scammers, sure, but they were minimal, and they usually got downvoted to oblivion.

The subreddit remained quiet for most of its early years until around 2017 when things really started taking off. Though I had begun working for crypto projects by 2016, the workload overwhelmed me and I had to ask for help with moderating and thankfully /u/loobooloo stepped up. However, rules needed to get stricter with the large spike of users, and also the numerous new types of spam that were coming up. It simply wasn't enough, and though we tried to find other mods, it wasn't working out. And the more we set rules, the more we become /r/CryptoCurrency, and there isn't really a good reason as to why we need two subreddits fulfilling the same purpose, on top of again the community here dying.

Unfortunately, it was decided that we would just lock the subreddit and direct people to /r/CryptoCurrency. It wasn't an easy one, but it was one that we felt was the right one.

This subreddit will always be special to me. I still remember being accepted to be a moderator, both looking at the screen and the feeling that I had. Not only was this my first Reddit moderation gig, it was the first of my many steps on being involved with this community and this industry. Thanks for being a part of it.

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