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Sold the last of this awful shitcoin – feels amazing. In closing I want to THANK YOU: Brandon and Dan (the scam man Larimer): THANK YOU for launching Voice OFF the EOS main chain- THANK YOU for pandering and catering to government satanic scum in the district of criminals for the last 2 years – THANK YOU for your non-vote and non-solutions in regards to Chinese monopoly and collusion of BP's. THANK YOU for letting Joe Lubin run the reputation of this project into the ground with propaganda. THANK YOU for spending 0$ of the 4 billion to counteract it — THANK YOU – for your decision to 'change' social media into a KYC format that forces you to post your legal name so that scammers and people who live on kibbutzes could more easily and readily dox, harrass and steal from the users. THANK YOU for making a platform NO ONE on earth will be interested in — THANK YOU Guys! You're truly the best humanity has to offer! I can finally delete these chat and the stench that this project has caused in my nostrils. It feels good man… it already feels damn good! RIP EOS, R I fugging Peeeeeee!

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