~ Awareness of a HUGE Vulnerability for All of Us ~

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Just looked-up Alexander Vinnik on wiki. Regardless of the charges, I don't know how to feel, why does the US have the right or ability to size a domain name or site ? Doesn't that expose a HUGE vulnerability to all of us and the very few sites we depend upon to interact with cryptocurrency and our funds?

From wiki;

On 28 July 2017, US authorities seized the BTC-e.com domain name and 38% of all customer funds. To repay its customers BTC-e created WEX tokens, which were used to represent customers' seized equity. The WEX tokens represented $1 and were issued to account for the value of customers cryptocurrencies at the time of the theft.

Alexander Vinnik

On 25 July 2017, suspected BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik was arrested at the behest of the United States Justice Department while vacationing with his family in Greece. Wanted for money laundering by both France and Russia, in addition to the US. Vinnik agreed to be returned to Russia, where he was charged only with fraud. In October 2017 the extradition request by Russia was approved by one Greek court, but the request by the United States was approved by another. The decision to extradite Vinnik to the United States was upheld by the Greek Supreme Court on December 13, 2017. However, in July 2018 Greece agreed to extradite Vinnik to France instead, giving precedent to the European warrant. A final ruling is scheduled for September 19, though Vinnik's lawyer claims that "the decision on Vinnik's extradition to Russia has been made".

A plot to murder Vinnik in prison was uncovered in early 2018. In September 2018, Bloomberg News reported on a potential link between Vinnik and Russian hacking group and intelligence service Fancy Bear. An Elliptic) blockchain analysis of a bitcoin transaction linked Vinnik's former employer, BTC-e to the group and this strengthened the American interest of extradition. Vinnik maintains his innocence of any wrongdoing, but has chosen to cooperate from Greece.

Also, here is a Max Kaiser video that kind of relates to this exact question; Not Your Settlement Layer – Not Your Bitcoin

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