Avalanche (AVAX) has been having network issues for ~30 hours, no transactions in past ~2 hours

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Avalanche has been having network issues for the past day or so but I haven't seen any discussion of it. Thought I would update people.

Avalanche, a supposed ETH killer which claims to be able to support "millions" of users, is up quite a bit in the past week in part because of the launch of their AMM (pangolin.exchange).

Yesterday issues began cropping up and they seem to have gotten worse today. According to the largest AVAX blockchain explorer there was a several hour period were no transactions were made: https://explorer.avax.network/

The first announcement was made by one of their developers on discord yesterday (4:30 PST) and stated that there were issues with 'cross-chain transfers', 'avalanche-ethereum bridge transfers', metamask connections. And their explorer is slow. Unfortunately, their wallet also relies on these APIs and is not functional. Many users in discord and telegram are reporting that deposits/withdrawals to exchanges failed, however team members have stated that no funds will be lost.


Initially it was blamed on "API issues" however more recently team members mentioned an issue with cross-chain compatibility.

Other details are scant and there hasn't been an official response since the post yesterday. Apparently the network is working but "slowed down".

I will update if I see more.

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