After years of ups and downs, I’m finally a consistently profitable day-trader, AMA.

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As you probably know, 90-95% of day-traders are unprofitable so I'm actually super proud of my achievement. I had almost given up so many times and it turns out the bear market was a blessing in disguise as it essentially turned me into a beast of a trader. I now understand things so much better than ever before and of course I'm still learning, but one thing I will tell you is that 90% of the trading-educational materials out there are written by the same 90% who are unprofitable and are most likely selling courses to fuel their degenerate gambling addiction, so you can imagine, I have an extremely cynical view on trading info out there, you need to be extremely skeptical of everyone, including me. Anyway, I would like to share at least whatever I have learned to help those who are serious. I know statistically most will not have the discipline to make it out there but it's the least I can do. So if you got any questions, ask away!

Some proof of my profitability: I joined 2 trading competitions this year.

  • On interdax, I placed 23rd with 67% PNL. It was a 3 week long comp and I was only active for 1 week of it as I was on a road trip and still managed to beat the pack.

  • On my first competition, it was on bybit, I placed 9th place in the team with a measly 16% PNL but enough to be in the money.

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