African DeFi Project Swirge Partners With JustLiquidity Ahead of Presale

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Swirge is one of the first DeFi projects lead by an African team. Ahead of its presale on October 9th, Swirge has partnered with JustLiquidity.

Swirge will use the JustLiquidity protocol to launch its token through a token sale. This will allow Swirge to leverage JustLiquidity’s existing community and liquidity. What’s more, token sales done through JustLiquidity give investors better security since the platform ensures that the team behind the project follow the parameters set for token issuance and distribution.


Like most cryptocurrency trends, the decentralized finance (DeFi) craze has several questionable projects and actions by developers. In some cases, developers promise to lock tokens for a specific period, only to do the opposite after they sell the token.

JustLiquidity protects investors who participate in token sales on the platform by ensuring that team funds are locked, and developers follow stipulated timelines.

Also, after a token is launched via the JustLiquidity platform, liquidity is made available immediately for trading on various decentralized exchanges.

There has been countless failed projects that after selling their tokens to the community, they dumped on the market and got community at lost, but Swirge has been a community-centered project, we’ve been all in during the bear marketing, building and developing a product that will add value to the community and humanity at large and even at that, we want to be one of the most transparent and accountable project, thus, our collaboration with JustLiquidity which their protocol projects the community by locking our tokens that even the CEO, myself the President or devs can’t be able to dump our tokens on the market and also offers instant liquidity.

As part of the partnership, Swirge tokens (SWG) will be functional on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Chain. Further, an airdrop worth $400,000 SWGb tokens will be done on the Binance Chain.

Swirge is a collection of finance and payment applications built on the blockchain. The project comes with Swirge Pay decentralized exchange (DEX), lending, yield farming, and stablecoins.

The Swirge Token sale will happen on October 9th, with more updates to follow on the process in the new week.

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