ADA is at the Candy Shop! We’re half way to the ATH

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ADA keeps getting its marketcap bigger and bigger, just before Goguen's release. Charles Hoskinson said that February is going to be a good month. We can say its starting really well.

For those that don't know the project, here's what Cardano offers:

Most decentralized and secure, Blockchain to date once D=0 in March.

Fast, robust, built to scale, on-chain democracy through voting, open to all.

The best network stack, meta-data implementation in the industry. Extended-EUTXO, fantastic UI/user experience through fullnode/lightnode wallets, cold staking through your own wallets.

Hard Fork Combinator, seamless upgrades/hardforks.

Built on solid foundations by some of the best people in the industry, who have been working/planning this for over half a decade.

Decentralization incentives, stable roi without required hardware or electricity, no lockup.

Cross chain and cross code communication for interoperability with little to no cons.

NATIVE Assets + ERC20 Bridge converter. Actually done right, nothing like simple “wrapped assets”.

Native-Assets capable of benefiting from the EUTXO, integration with projects treated as first class citizens, capable of using all of the tools built on ADA without custom integration/smart-contracts.

Fantastic well thought out strategic partnerships, with the goal of providing decentralized finance to those who need it the most. (Africa – Ethiopia deal).

Verifiable KEVM Solidity contracts. (It will do everything Ethereum does better, literally, more secure smart-contracts through K, without miners/fees, fast transactions.)

Mantis framework, smart-contract deployment without code.

Supply-chain tracking (Beef-chain).

For verifiable products, tracking and authenticity validation on-chain.

It’s own smart-contract language next to the KEVM.

Plutus smart-contract language, in development for years by the same people who created “Haskel” used by Entrepreneurs and Banking systems over the world, as well as Java and Go.

Plutus cross language support, multiple smart contract languages, anything can be added as a supported language thanks to the Mantis Framework. IELE think: (Java, lua, rust, C++, C# ..)

Built to run Lightning/Hydra from the base layers/foundation.

Sonic, snarks in the near future as well.

Decentralized voting through the built in wallets, that provides rewards as an incentive to participate and use your voting rights.

Community voting for funding projects from the built in treasury, as incentives for developers to pitch their idea to the community before receiving funding.

(Already happening, over 100 million dollars in the Cardano Treasury and growing every Epoch.)

Decentralized re-useable identity, provided through use of verifable entities.

153000+ User delegates

1450+ Nodes/Validators/Pools.

71.3% Supply delegated.

Incredibly strong and passionate community, mature, focused on providing the best/the most secure tech in a user-friendly way, that is both fair and provides long term sustainability.

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