A Tell-Tale? An Indicator? A Portent?

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I've been looking after my friends' cat for the last month. I returned him yesterday. We had a cup of tea in their garden and my (middle-aged, financially-conservative) friends asked me if I was "still into Bitcoin" (we had talked about it vaguely some years ago). I said I was. They then spent 30 minutes grilling me on it, saying that they had been encouraged by another friend to buy, and in reading about Bitcoin they thought now was a good time to get in. These are people who are usually ultra conservative in their financial life. They wouldn't have given BTC a thought last Christmas. In fact we did talk about it last year, and they rejected it as too risky!

What changed their minds? Their pension fund has collapsed in value, and they said that they had been told several times now that they needed to diversify out of funds, stocks, bonds, property, and most importantly, cash. All of these asset classes will lose value they believe. The future of sterling (we're in Britain) looks much more shaky than it did just 2 months ago what with the mountain of money printing going on. That leaves unconventional assets, and BTC is king of those.

My friends are surely not alone. All over the world there must be middle class people wondering how to protect and grow what wealth they have. As this depression bites harder and harder, I expect we'll see more and more people dip a toe into crypto. Bitcoin will be their first buy.

We could be in for a wild ride this coming year.

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