A reminder to stay polite and consistent in our conversations.

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I have been watching Bitcoin closely and going down the rabbit hole for 4 years or more now. As a life long gamer and Entrepreneur it all clicked pretty quickly for me. I always talk about my passions so my network has heard me mention crypto now and then.

The past year has been great for on boarding people to crypto. I have helped a 5-6 people make their first purchase now and had some good conversations. One of my favorite people to talk with is an older guy I am friends with. He owns an insurance business so he is not much of a risk taker lol.

But he has worked in banking / insurance / financial world for over 30 years now. So he has quite a bit of real world experience and valuable insight. The conversations are great, but he is always been very anti Bitcoin.

Well I always kept the conversation polite and just pushed the fundamental principles of Bitcoin. Never talk down to him, we have both seen plenty of opportunities we did not invest in do well. You can't invest in everything so we would just agree to disagree…. Until I just got a call from him asking to bring over whatever I need to explain how to buy Bitcoin to him 🤯. Last time I talked to him I said it would be silly for you to not go buy at least one or two Bitcoin. It's money he can afford to lose and the upside is just ridiculous compared to any other trade we can make right now. IE Gold, Land, Equities, rental properties.

So wish me luck explaining this all from a technical perspective to a 68 year old😭!!!

Keep your interactions with people positive and be patient with people that are not there yet. We all have our aha moment. Cheers!

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