A bullish case for Moons everyone seems to be missing

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I know that we had more than enough Moon posts in the past few days but none of them mentioned the innovation that comes with Moons. Just like Uniswap, Reddit rewarded their community members retroactively which is only the beginning of tokenizing activity on centralized platforms. All big names in the industry would be dead platforms without their users. Now that crypto has invited people to think about their contribution to certain projects/platforms more and more big names will have to do the same. I am only glad that Reddit stepped in first. Now on to the point.

1. Regardless of what people think about community points, they WILL increase content quality over time.

At first, it may look like they incentivize shitposting but don't forget that more and more users are learning that their upvotes have a monetary value. They will be more diligent over time and only upvote comments and posts that deserve their upvote. If given enough time, I am confident that quality can only go up, rather than going down.

2. Demand for Moons is already here.

Even though you can only convert them for Reddit-specific services right now, don't forget how large our community actually is. If we see the main net launch you can definitely expect all big exchanges to list Moons asap because they want to cash in on trading fees and they want more users on their platforms. The same goes for online markets that accept crypto. If Moons can be traded for other crypto and cash like right now on Honeywasp, why wouldn't someone add Moon payments to their website? It would bring more users to their website, more exposure, and of course, revenue.

3. More users will be coming to /r/cryptocurrency due to free Moon distribution.

Most news stories, price analysis, and many other crypto-related debates can be found on external sources for obvious reasons. They want to share their news in our community, but they want us to read them on their websites because of ad revenue. With Moons, independent journalists and researchers now have more incentive to post in our subreddit directly because their quality content will be rewarded with Moons. I can easily see this becoming a standard in the near future where every publication will have an active account on Reddit.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I don't want to go around sparking fairytale ideas about Moons here but I do find them fascinating in one way or another. The sole fact that you can stake them right now combined with a limited supply makes me confident about the future of Moons. Please, don't take this as financial advice. I am only trying to create a debate here and hear other opinions on this particular subject.

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